Kitesurf tour Nicaragua

Kitesurf in Nicaragua

Caribbean Coast, empty and wild spots .

Beaches, lagoons, Pearl cays, miskito keys, islands, downwinds ….

Kitesurf tour from 6 december to 15 december 2017

9 days kitesurf tour

Kitesurf tour : Discover the carribean side from Bluefields to the pearl keys


Nicaragua has good spots for kitesurfing. The carribean coast has good winds, long beaches, islands, lagoons and cays, perfect for surf, kitesurf and kiteboard.

We offer a kitesurf tour to discover the carribean coast of Nicaragua. It is not only kitesurfing, but aventure and discovery of the local culture.

We present you a trip of 7 days in different kitesurf spots of Nicaragua.

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7 days tour in the carribean coast of Nicaragua with Bluefields Tours and captain Zapatero

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Day 1: Managua – Bluefields     

7 am – 8 am:  1 hour by plane. Flight with la costeña air lines

In the morning, visit of the city of Bluefields

Lunch in a restaurant in the lagoon. Pelican Bay

Afternoon: kitesurf in El Bluff beach

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Day 2: Bluefields – Pearl lagoon

Travel by boat in the rivers , 1 hour. The lagoon has diferent spots.

Haulover and the miskito village of Kahkabila have sand beaches.


Day 3: Pearl Lagoon – Sandy Bay

Travel to the miskito village of Sandy Bay. We cross the pearl Lagoon ant travel in the wild rivers.

Night in the hostel Visctoria’s Place, in the beach


Day 4: Manawar keys

From Sandy Bay, we take a boat in the sea, to the island.

Good place for snorkelling and scuba diving

Day 5: Sandy Bay – Pearl Keys

Return to Pearl Lagoon and travel to the Pearl Keys


We spend the night in a small island. We can sleep in hamacas, tent or in a cabins in the beach.


Day 6: Pearl Keys

When you are in the island, you don’t want to go. So we stay one more night to discover the differents islands



Day 7: Pearl Keys to Bluefields

Travel by boat to Bluefields

Bluefields to Managua or to Corn Islands

Take the plane or you can go by the new road to the pacific side.


Ask for a Budget: 

Pascal Herrera  (505) 88 48 85 80


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