Pearl cays

Trips to the Pearl Keys

we offer trips to the pearl cays, direct from Bluefields. The tour include the transfer from the airport, to the warf. Then we go by boat to pearl lagoon and have breakfast. With a private boat, we go to the pearl cays, we spend the night in tent, hammock or bungalow.

Beach, snorkel and fishing in the cays. the second day we visit other islands, and at 3 pm, we go back to pearl Lagoon. We sleep in an hotel, and the third day, we visit miskito village of awas, and at 1 pm, we go back to Bluefields.

All inclusive tour, 3 days and 2 night, food, boat, 2 nights, water, fruits, juice, snorkel, fishing

3 days and 2 night


Price per person in dollars
1 600
2 350
3 250
4 210
5 185
6 170
7 160
8 150
9 145
10 140



Trips and travel to Pearl Cays Nicaragua

Two days and one night in an island,

We also offer camping. We have tent for 4 people, and hammock. You can bring your camping gear to sleep in virgin Pearl cays.



2 days and 1 night in the pearl cays. All inclusive with boat, snorkeling, food, acomodation in island ( we sleep in hammock, tent or bungalow)

  Price per person in dollars $
1 guest 350
2 guest 180
3 guest 150
4 guest 130
5 guest 120
6 guest 110
7 guest 100
8 guest 95
9 guest 90
10 guest 85


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Kitesurf Pearl cays 4 days

Five days in the caribbean:  all inclusive   5 dias al caribe 2018